Front garden glow up

In March 2023, a cost-effective and minimally disruptive front garden lighting project was undertaken in Magham Down. The aim of the project was to provide stylish and functional lighting to enhance the exterior aesthetics of the property.

The project utilized energy-efficient LED lights strategically placed to illuminate various features of the front garden, including walkways, trees, and plants. These lights were carefully selected to create a warm and welcoming ambiance while minimizing glare and light pollution.

The installation was carried out in a careful and precise manner, ensuring that no major disruption was caused to the property or its surroundings. The lighting fixtures were mounted on sturdy, weather-resistant posts that were firmly secured into the ground, ensuring long-lasting durability.

Overall, the front garden lighting project in Magham Down was a success, providing an elegant addition to the property while remaining within budget and causing minimal disturbance to the area. The result of this project is a beautiful and inviting outdoor space that can be enjoyed safely and effectively throughout the year.

Does this look like your Consumer unit?

Does this look like your consumer unit? With the change in regulations these older style boards are light years behind the new boards in terms of electrical safety. The front cover was broken on this particular board which meant there was exposed live parts which would be an immediate fail on and Electrical installation condition report. This has been booked in to be replaced in the near future with other upgrades happening at the same time. Call us today for a feee no obligation quote or visual inspection